Urban Lifestyle Designs Templates

Templates for Flags Range of Sizes Available

Templates sizes for our pop up flags come in three convenient sizes.

Small Flag Template Link

flags template 2.9m flags template

Medium Flag Template Link

flags template 3.9m

Large Flag Template Link

flags template 5.1m

The template will allow you to set your artwork so it will fit within the printing area of the flag.

You can email us the completed template to

If you have any questions regarding this or any other product please feel free to contact us on 0434 112 202.

We accept the following file types for printing

.pdf files .eps files .ai files

Allow a 2mm marginal bleed around the artwork to ensure your work doesn’t get lost on the edge of the print.

Before submitting any files please convert all fonts to “outline”

Please ensure you only send us high quality images with a minimum 300dpi

If your image is not a minimum of 300dpi the enlargement of the image will be limited. Please ensure all images are high resolution and are embedded into the file and not linked.

Please provide either PMS or exact CMYK values and Urban Lifestyle Designs will match the colours to the best of our ability.

We have access to over 50 million images that can be enlarged without any issues. If your image is of low quality, send it to us and we can find an image for you that is similar. We are always here to help our Customer’s to ensure the whole process is smooth and timeless.