Posters Printing

Urban Lifestyle Designs offers only Quality PP for printing posters.

We have access to the latest in printing technologies, with quality 1440dpi printing, UV stabilised inks and quality sourced materials.

We can offer you peace of mind that your print will arrive in perfect condition.

5 – 7 day turn-around on all orders.

Poster printing is a great solution for business, students, home decorators and marketing teams.

Posters come is a range of sizes and can be customised to the millimetre (mm). We take pride in your work and ensure all artwork is approved before printing.

We have a large image gallery that you can choose images from. Simply go to our Image Gallery where you can choose from over 50 million images.

If you already have a photo we can print that too. Send us your file to Contact Us Link and the size you require and we will send you a quote and a proof of your work. It’s that easy.


Printing Services Available


Paper Thickness Usage Guide

Outdoor Usage: Poster / Laminated printing

CIS, C2S, 128gsm, 157gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm

Finishes Available

Gloss or Matte lamination

High gloss UV varnish or coating

Embossing textures and patterns


Poster Printing Standard A Frame Sizes


Size (cm)


A4  Poster

21 x 30 $20.00

A3 Poster

30 x 42


A2 Poster

42 x 59.4


A1 Poster

59.4 x 84


A0 Poster 84 x 118.9


Custom Sizes available. Contact Us Link

 20% Discount on quantity over 10

Posters - Custom Sizes Available

 Posters printed by the best Mutoh in the world