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New Business Cards

Urban Lifestyle Designs has NEW business cards

Outdoor Photographic Wall Art will start you on your journey to

            Create – Dream – Believe

Add a luxury Outdoor Wall Art Image to enhance your Outdoor’s. The best part is everyone has a dream they can create, even you.

Our Business Sign solutions suit businesses needing a professional and eye catching banner to attract customer’s.

Industry proven sail track systems lock the vinyl into place, to ensure your business signs look professional. for more information

create dream believe photographic wall art Reality Discover Affirmations Positive Waterproof Art

business card SIGNAGE Banner Flag Sign









For an elite group of clients, Urban Lifestyle Designs provides for its customers who are interested in printing signage from 1 m2 up to  the large hundreds of square meter mesh wraps. The size is customisable so the customers exact requirements are met.Our Management Team has excellent project expertise and in depth technical knowledge which is based on experience. Urban Lifestyle Designs is the ideal partner for any advertising or display projects.

Urban Lifestyle Designs offers innovative solutions for the production of commercial advertising signs and other innovative systems, including displays in shopping complexes, airports and building estates.

Urban Lifestyle Designs has sourced industry approved environmentally friendly products, for example (PP). Why Choose PP?

Urban Lifestyle Designs has a particularly large printing capacity due to their newest environmentally friendly printing machines that reduce any negative influences on the environment. Our materials come in 50 m length with a total width of 5m per roll. This allows us to complete the very large designs in one single piece.

Urban Lifestyle Designs endorses solvent free print colours. There are no dangerous gases or fumes created during the production process which helps us keep a cleaner environment.

Urban Lifestyle Designs is responsive to their customer’s needs from the initial planning stage up to  installation and maintenance of the finished product. The business model is simple and very transparent for the partners. The production methods and production techniques are independent and guaranteed to provide an objective and cost effective solution to each of our customer’s requirements.

Urban Lifestyle Designs is always looking for new innovative products and processes for large sign solutions. Our frame systems tighten the sign for even tension over the whole area of the display. It can be hung up with our new free standing framing options.

We look forward to hearing from you

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