Urban Lifestyle Designs

Urban Lifestyle Designs is a retailer of quality custom made photographic images which can be mounted on aluminium frames, retractable blinds and banners that add an experience to all indoor and outdoor areas.

Urban Lifestyle Designs is proud to be an Australian business with all of our products being manufactured under the highest quality standards.

Why select Urban Lifestyle Designs? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our commitment is to provide great products and excellent service to you.

Urban Lifestyle designs offers a Durable, Waterproof, UV resistant, photographic image printed and mounted so that you can experience a whole new way of life.

We believe that imagery is the key to creating dreams that become your reality. By adding a photographic image of your desired location to your home or office it will empower your soul to take you there.

At Urban Lifestyle Designs we want to take you on a journey through the photographic image you choose to add to your life.

We are certain that you will want to share the experience with all of your friends and family, forever.

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Manager – Lyne Miller


“It’s is a great pleasure to be the Manager at Urban Lifestyle Designs. I come from a strong Information Technology background with a BA in Visual Communications.

Having worked as a press photographer for 5 years I ventured off into the Corporate world enjoying a successful career performing IT related roles when I found myself wanting that little bit more from my career.

Urban Lifestyle Designs is drawn from a concept that we all have the opportunity to experience living without fear. It will be my pleasure to take each of our Customers on their own unique journey and experience their joy with them.

“If we believe that we have already received that which we desire, then it will be”.

I want to share this knowledge and allow every soul to have an experience they deserve.

I give thanks for the time you have taken to read about me”.